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Golden Earring — Alive… Through The Years [11CD Box Set] (2018) MP3 320 Kbps

Golden Earring - Alive... Through The Years [11CD Box Set] (2018) MP3 320 Kbps

2018 | Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock
MP3 320 Kbps | 3.06 Gb

Limited 11CD box set from Dutch rock legends Golden Earring. Together with Red Bullet, the band collected seven live albums, plus some unique recordings previously only available as B-sides. Also included are several recordings from the Five Zero Show from 2015, which were only available on DVD before. The live albums are divided in six digipacks. The seventh set is a bonus disc with live rarities. The box also features a 32-page booklet with liner notes from Tjerk Lammers. In this booklet, the various Live LPs are highlighted separately. And the existence of a band on-the-road comes alive by various anecdotes as told by Tjerk, who also recently interviewed lead singer Barry Hay for this box set and who in 2015 published a book about the Golden Earring. The booklet is illustrated with beautiful photographs from the Vinkes brothers, who have been photographing the Golden Earring as early as the late 70s. Alive… Through the Years is the successor to the Complete Studio Recordings box set released two years ago. And just like the latter, this live box set will also be released as a limited numbered edition.

1977 — Live 2CD (01:27:11)

1981 — 2nd Live (01:13:30)

1984 — Something Heavy Going Down (00:53:39)

1992/1997 — Completely Naked Vol. 1 (02:06:51)

2000 — Last Blast Of The Century 2CD (02:28:50)

2005/2018 — Completely Naked Vol. 2 (01:55:07)

2018 — Bonus CD (01:01:51)

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