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VA — The Paths Of Pain The CAIFE Label, Quito, 1960-68 (2021)

VA - The Paths Of Pain The CAIFE Label, Quito, 1960-68 (2021)
FLAC (tracks) / MP3 320 kbps | Folk, Andean Music | 1h 4 min | 217 / 147 MB

A really beautiful collection of music – and work from a scene that we\’ve hardly heard from before – given that all these tracks were taken from the 60s catalog of the Caife Records label in Ecuador! The music is often an unusual hybrid of modes – older folkloric styles mixes with more contemporary expressions – often driven by an urban interest in the nation\’s traditions, which involve many different cultural strains spread out over its diverse terrain. Caife was an imprint that sought to capture music that might have fallen through the cracks otherwise – and in terms of sound and style, most of this work feels much older than what you might have heard coming from Colombia, Mexico, or Cuba in the 60s – with a fair bit of acoustic instrumentation, and often a strong current of sennt, as is hinted at in the title. The package is a very well-done resurrection of this near-lost legacy – with a beautiful booklet of notes and rare images – including a shot of the hoarder\’s office in a high rise, where most of the tapes had been sitting for decades. Titles include \»Sendero Del Dolor\» by Segundo Bautista, \»Ingratitud\» by Hermanas Mendoza Suasti, \»Cotopaxi\» by Biluka Y Los Canibales, \»Desesperacion\» by Bentiez Y Valencia, \»Lejos De Ti\» by Los Tres Ases, \»Vaca Lechera\» by Conjunto Caife, \»Pasional\» by Lucho Munoz, \»El Anacu De Mi Guambra\» by Biluka Y Los Canibales, and \»Ensonacion\» by Los Inaquingas.
A dazzling survey of the last, bohemian flowering of the so-called Golden Era of Ecuadorian musica national, before the oil boom and incoming musical styles — especially cumbia — swept away its achingly beautiful, phantasmagorical, utopian juggling of indigenous and mestizo traditions.
Forms like the tonada, albazo, danzante, yaravi, carnaval, and sanjuanito; the yambo, with roots in pre-Incan ritual, and the pasillo, a take on the Viennese waltz, arriving through the Caribbean via Portugal and Spain.
Exhumations like the astoundingly out-there organist Lucho Munoz, from Panama, toying with the expressive and technical limits of his instrument; and our curtain-raiser Biluka, who travelled to Quito from Rio, naming his new band Los Canibales in honour of the late-twenties Cannibalist movement back home, dedicated to cannibalising other cultures in the fight against post-colonial, Eurocentric hegemony. He played the ficus leaf, hands-free, laying it on his tongue. One leaf was playable for ten hours. He spent long periods living on the street, in rags, when he wasn\’t in the CAIFE studio recording his chamber jazz-from-space, with the swing, elegance and detail of Ellington\’s small groups, crossed with the brassy energy of ska — try Cashari Shunguito — and an enthralling other-worldliness.
Utterly scintillating guitar-playing, prowling double bass, piercing dulzaina, wailing organ, rollicking gypsy violin, brass, accordion, harps, and flutes. Bangers to get drunk and dance to. Slow songs galore to drown your sorrows in, with wildly senntal lyrics drawn from the Generacion Decapitada group of poets (who all killed themselves); expert heart-breakers, with the raw passion of the best rembetica, but reined in, like the best fado.
Fabulous music, like nothing else, exquisitely suffused with sadness and soul. Hotly recommended.
1. Biluka Y Los Canibales — \»Cotopaxi\»
2. Duo Mendoza-Oztiz — \»Cansados Pies Corazon Mio\»
3. Hermanas Mendoza Suasti — \»Ingratitud\»
4. Olga Gutierrez — \»Dulce Mirada\»
5. Los Inaquingas — \»Ensonacion\»
6. Hermanos Castro — \»Taita Salasaca\»
7. Benitez Y Valencia — \»Desesperacion\»
8. Los Tres Ases — \»Lejos De Ti\»
9. Conjunto CAIFE — \»Vaca Lechera\»
10. Benitez Y Valencia — \»Amor De Mi Linda Guambra\»
11. Biluka Y Los Canibales — \»El Anacu De Mi Guambra\»
12. Lucho Munoz — \»Pasional\»
13. Benitez Y Valencia — \»Carnaval De Guaranda\»
14. Los Tres Ase — \»La Naranja\»
15. Duo Aguayo Huayamabe — \»Mi Dulce Amor\»
16. Hermanas Mendoza Suasti — \»Sangrante Corazon\»
17. Benitez Y Valencia — \»Plegaria\»
18. Hermanos Castro — \»Los Huachis\»
19. Raul Emiliani Y Hector Bonilla — \»Chola Cuencana\»
20. Biluka Y Los Canibales — \»Cashari Shunguito\»
21. Hermanas Mendoza Suasti — \»Longuito Enamorado\»
22. Duo Aguayo Huayamabe — \»Desde Que TuTe Fuiste\»
23. Segunado Bautista — \»Sendero Del Dolor\»
24. Benitez Y Valencia — \»Corazon Que No Olvida\»

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